There is FREEDOM for the children of God


WHENEVER the Spirit of God Moves… There is Freedom!

God moves powerfully in His children. He urges us forward from deep places in our spirit where He has been seeding us to bear His fruit.

Even when we are overlooked and underloved by people, when our circumstances crowd us and we feel imprisoned we are actually FREE INDEED in Christ! Holy Spirit moves in our lives and we trust Him and refuse to be bound by what looks like our limitations. 

I wrote this song, “Whenever” amid personal struggles where I was being suppressed in the natural but shaped in the spiritual to not only be released but see many others come to freedom in Christ. We rise up to soar with Holy Spirit and relish the freedom that is ours as the children of God. We know our God. He has removed the veil so we see Him face to face. And we are changed by His glory to look more and more like Jesus!

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