UNENDING LOVE by Sharon Jane (LivingStream)


I woke up one morning with this melody in my spirit. I was a bit lazy and didn’t record it but it kept going through my spirit during the day.

I thought maybe I had heard the song somewhere. Then I forgot it. But about a week later the same thing happened and this time I realised God had given me this song and I knew it was to be called Unending Love and was all about His love and joy filling us to overflowing. So I began to write words. When I started to make them too complicated God reminded me to keep it simple. I felt like I had to get out of the way and just let Him speak without trying to be too clever myself and distracting from what He wanted to say and what He wanted us to sing. And very quickly this song was formed. May it be a blessing!!!

Many thanks to Nina Bach (artfromwonderland.com.au) for her lively,colourful and joyous prophetic paintings that formed the backdrop to this lyric video.

Recorded by Turn Around Music, Taree (Peter Stevenson) with Dave Holmes on guitar.

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