I’m using the name Living Stream as Jesus said living water would flow from us as we believe in Him (Jn 4).  That’s how I see the songs He gives me… an overflow of His life in me.  I pray you are blessed by them.  And I also pray His Spirit will lead you in whatever way He overflows in your life.

Being a mother of 6 has thrown me into a place of trusting God more and more each day. He reveals His heart to me through the songs He gives me. Jesus Christ is coming back soon. The songs help us prepare for that day and lead us to worship and praise our Mighty Saviour.

I pray many will come to know the love of God and complete freedom and life through Jesus Christ, Yeshua.  GOD BLESS YOU!

livingstrseam 017DSC_0724Chord/Lyrics sheets and MP3s of original Living Stream songs and related creative resources including images by sharon@livingstream.net and family are available for Christians to use in worhip, personal devotion, discipleship training and outreach. They may be freely used for these purposes non-commercially. Permission is required for any commercial use including performance, recording or publishing in any way. For permission  CONTACT: