“Living Stream has flowed from the Holy Spirit enlivening me and waking me up to the amazing realm of creativity that flows from relationship with our awesome God in Christ Jesus: Love that heals broken hearts, joy that floods the deepest parts, peace that lifts us above all chaos and hope that brings the Kingdom of God into focus.

God has called me to declare His goodness and faithfulness through these songs and to encourage the Body of Christ. We are being made ready to meet Him face to face as Holy Spirit refines us and shines through us in His Living Stream.” – Sharon Jane

Sharon Jane is an Australian Christian singer/songwriter and mother of 6. She has been writing songs since the early 1990s and has shared them through churches, conferences and outreach.

Her Lutheran upbringing built in Sharon sound theological foundations. Once born again at 22 after drifting in teen years she quickly became involved in a number of ministries utilising creative gifts to communicate and inspire. In the 1990’s she was coordinator for a national team ministry in Australia, “Christ Knows No Distance” which had a mandate to bring encouragement to isolated communities with the living Jesus Christ as minstrels and servants. Many were touched by God and encouraged through this young prophetic ministry and the fruit is still evident, with impact around the globe. God brings the increase as we sow obediently according to His leading.

Understanding our mandate to make disciples, she has devoted herself to the mentoring, teaching and encouraging other believers online through Facebook and through various settings such as Bible studies, home fellowship and other assignments set up by God through personal relationship.

Other experience includes working with the homeless, disabled and offenders, supporting work with Voice of the Martyrs (persecuted Christians), and sharing information about cults and the occult. Sharon also has a passion to see God’s people rise up in indigenous cultures especially in her nation, Australia. Living on the land has helped her keep down to earth and appreciate the struggles many face with associated hardships. Personal trials have refined her and brought forth songs that resonate with the broken and bring hope in Christ.

Through her child raising years Sharon has coordinated and participated in Christian events glorifying God and reaching out to show the world. This has included concert events such as Carols By Candlelight and combined church events such as March for Jesus and various prayer events. Being Kingdom minded she naturally flows with fellowship that celebrates the unity of believers that exists in the One Holy Spirit we share.

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