Why Living Stream?

Living Stream describes the flow of Jesus’ Life through these songs written by Sharon Jane, encouraging all to drink and flow with the Holy Spirit of God. Songs have sprung from intimacy with God, walking through hardships and heartaches to blessings in the loving arms of the Father. Open, honest lyrics share from this place with the hope of our glorified Saviour permeating and lifting in praise.

Living Stream is not just a musical presentation. The blessing of fellowship in Christ is mutually encouraging. Full surrender to the awesome power and love of God to glorify Him enables Sharon and supporting musicians to shine Jesus for His glory and to bless others. Living Stream is closer to a minstrel experience than a concert. Minstrels of old brought the Gospel in song to a largely Biblically illiterate generation. Often a prophetic edge was brought to see the Church strengthened and encouraged to be activated. This is the heart of this ministry.  An invitation is extended for listeners to go way deeper. To dive in to the depths of God’s love in Christ. Jesus is coming back for a purified Bride that is ready. This theme is underlying and flows through many songs.

Keith Green songs and Vineyard worship were huge influences in Sharon’s early days walking as a passionate disciple of Christ. She has desired to flow with this anointing by the grace of God, pointing the church back to bare bones Christianity without masks and without reserve. Live ministry allows her raw, earthy, acoustic style to reach and resonate with hearts and draw them closer to the Source of all refreshment and peace. Powerful versions of her songs impact the hearts of listeners as masterfully recorded on her debut EP “Flow”.

Songs are shared in a casual atmosphere, interspersed with personal testimony and Biblical insights with interaction and involvement depending on group size. Many songs are drawn from Scriptures and are suitable to be woven into church services. There is even a bracket of songs based on the Gospel of John that may form a program if desired. Many of the songs are suitable for praise and worship and congregational singing. There are also a number of children’s songs that may form a program or segment. A coffee shop style event is an ideal setting to invite in hungry hearts who are looking for more. This may also form the basis of a discipleship training seminar with greater scope for participation.

Being Kingdom focused, Living Stream is committed to celebrating the unity we have in Jesus Christ, that the world may know the love of the Father, as Jesus Himself prayed in John Chapter 17.

If you believe God is leading you to invite Living Stream to your area consider what agenda the Holy Spirit has. There are many songs that can be brought into many different settings and Sharon is passionate about bringing God’s message that is right for the place and the season. This is best done with some consultation. So please include what you feel is appropriate to indicate the needs in your specific church or area when making booking inquiries using the CONTACT form.