Here’s a positive, honest review of “Flow” from Russell Guy, a godly man I respect who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in radio and media in general, having decades as a radio DJ and has managed bands, produced many albums and written several books including “Dry Crossing”.

Hi Sharon, I listened to your CD in my car while driving through the bush this afternoon, letting it play four or five times over. ‘Flow’ is contemporary, power pop Gospel with impeccable production and a big, relaxed sound. The songs are confidently sung in the face of the Herodian state and it’s easy to imagine angels dancing on a Heavenly floor to your earthy, soaring voice and joyous music. My own criticism is that there are only six tracks on this radio friendly, melodic, seamless, Cinderella album that worships the Spirit of God. Take a bow. It blessed me. Thank you. Russell Guy.

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