D            A         E     A
We sing with the angels in adoration
   D           A            E
We worship the Name of our God
D           A           E       Fm
Jesus Your Name will forever be praised
     D          E          A  (D)  A
For You are our Wonderful Lord

D                   A
You are Creator of all of the world
E                    A
You are the one we adore 
D                A
Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End
   E                  Bm  A  D  E
We worship You forevermore 

D                         A
You are the Saviour that laid down Your life 
E                          A
You are the Lamb that was slain 
D                   A
Lion of Judah, the Strength of our life 
    E                      Bm  A  D  E
We humbly bow down at Your Name

© Sharon Colman, 1998 www.livingstream.net