D C D 
G            C               D     Dsus  D
Look, He is coming with the clouds 
G               C
Every eye will see Him
Em              D
Even those who pierced Him 
             Em             D
And all the peoples of the earth 
      C        D       Em
Will mourn because of Him
C           D     G
So shall it be, Amen
             G        C             D
And He will stand and shepherd His flock
G       C               D   Dsus  D
In the strength of the Lord 
       G   D/F#       Em           D
In the majesty of the Name of the Lord
       G     C          D
In the majesty of His God 
               C      D      C       G
And they will live securely, Live securely
        C               D
For His greatness will reach 
        G  D/F#     Em
To the ends of the earth 
    D       C  D     G      D C D G
And He will be their peace.

(c) Sharon Jane, 1998 (Revelation 1:7 and Micah 5:4-5)