A                D       E         A
Blessed are the pure in heart, Oh Lord
     D         E    A
For they shall see God
          D        E       A        D
You will guard and keep in perfect peace
      D/F#     E         A
Who's mind is stayed on Thee
    D         E      A
Oh Lord, You are my God
        D       E           A
I'll exalt and praise Your name
     D        E           A
For You have done things wonderful
            D      E          Esus  E
Planned of old in faithfulness
And truth
 A                    D           E        A
Bless'd are those who hunger for righteousness
     D          E      A
For they shall all be filled
     D         E       A           D
The righteous way is straight, Oh Lord
    D/F#    E         A
For You direct their path
    A            D        E       A
So trust in the Lord and lean on Him
         D         E       A
For the Lord is a Lasting Rock
         D       E     A D
You can hope in Him forever
      D/F#      E       A
So commit your ways to Him

(c) Sharon Jane, 2002 (Matt 5, Isaiah 25:1, 26:3-7)