Living Water (with Vanessa Marika) chords & lyrics for FREE

Vanessa Marika received a vision in Arnhemland that she felt was to be made into a song. Here are the lyrics and the download is available for the chords for free.

Living Water                   Vanessa Marika & Sharon Jane

I heard the sound of the water rising up

And a sound like thunder

Living Water pouring down from heaven

Flowing out to Australia


The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

He who hears let them all say, “Come!”

He who is thirsty then let him come

He who desires let him take the Water of Life freely


2. Holy Spirit moving over this nation

River flow, Oh River flow!

Purifying all the hearts of His people

In His love pouring out as we go


Living Water flow, Flow through all the land

Saturating hearts with the Holy Spirit of God


3. People coming from all over the nations

East and west, north and south, across the land

Reconciling to our God and each other

In His Son, in unity we stand


(c) Vanessa Marika & Sharon Colman, 2019