You are Here


Please remember this is only a very basic demo recording at this stage. You may need to adjust the volume. God willing a more professional recording will happen in the future so this page may be updated.

YOU ARE HERE                                                                      Get Chords

You whisper a love song to my heart
I can’t deny that you are my God
The only one who knows me
Only always loves me
Rescues me from the dark
And You bring me to Your Light
And You take away my night
Clean me up and set my feet right here
Upon the Rock of Ages

You are here
My God, You are here
My God, You are everywhere and always near
You are here

Jesus, my life, my breath, my all
You take away the sin of the world,
The things that have held me
Worthy the Lamb of God who was
Slain before creation began
All part of His plan

Worthy to be praised forevermore…

© 2013