You Alone

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Please remember this is only a very basic demo recording at this stage. You may need to adjust the volume. God willing a more professional recording will happen in the future so this page may be updated.

YOU ALONE                                                              Get Chords

In anguish of heart I come to You, my Jesus

The only one I can turn to

There’s nobody else who can understand me

You alone are the Rescuer of my soul

You alone are the Healer that makes me whole

You alone are the Comforter through all the strife

You alone wash away all my sin and give me Your life

With open heart I pour out myself to You Jesus

The One that restores all the years that were taken

And used up and broken that left me empty

You alone give me hope in my darkest hour

You alone take my weakness to fill with Your power

You alone give me joy that I never have known

You alone promise never to leave me, You alone

I praise You, God, praise You, God

I praise You, God, praise You, God

© 2014