Toddler Workout (Body Parts)

morepics 038 (Small)

Please remember this is only a very basic demo recording at this stage. You may need to adjust the volume. God willing a more professional recording will happen in the future so this page may be updated.


Here are my fingers and here are my toes
Everybody knows I have a nose!
Here are my ears and here are my eyes
I love to smile with my mouth open wide!

I kick my legs
Turn around
Clap my hands
Stamp my feet on the ground

Here is my bellybutton, here are my knees
I love to giggle with rosy cheeks
Here are my shoulders and here are my feet
I shake my hands with the people that I meet

Here are my ankles and here are my hips
And when I eat an icecream I lick my lips
Here is my waist and here is my head
I stretch my back when I get out of bed

Here are my palms that I wave like a fan
I beat my chest like Tarzan can
Here is my tummy and here are my teeth
I brush them every night before I go to sleep

Here is my neck I can wiggle about
I bend my knuckles in and out
Here is my tongue – I keep in its place
I say hello with my happy face!

Here are my eyelashes, here is my hair
I sit right down with my bottom on a chair
Here is my elbow and here is my chin
My body’s covered over with my stretchy skin

God is the One who made all my parts
He knew me and He loved me right from the start
When the world began I was in His plan
I’ll thank Him in the ways that my body parts can

I kick my legs
Turn around
Clap my hands
Stamp my feet on the ground

God is Love
He gave me a heart
I’ll praise the Lord with every part!

I kick my legs…

© 2012