The Offering


Please remember this is only a very basic demo recording at this stage. You may need to adjust the volume. God willing a more professional recording will happen in the future so this page may be updated.

                                                                                               the offering study

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You offered Yourself

You poured out Your life for the sake of us all

And the offering was sweet, sweet smelling incense

An offering acceptable, perfect and right

An offering no other could make

The offering of One Perfect Life

Oh, Father, You gave up Your Son

The sacrifice for us all

Your love overwhelms me and gives me the strength

To follow my Saviour

No silver or gold

No treasure we give up could possibly pay

For the gift of Your life, freely given

Demanding no payment except for a heart

A heart, sick of sin, guilt and pride

A heart to want One Perfect Life

Oh Jesus, my Saviour, You took up my place on that cross

The blood that You shed has washed over me

And cleansed me and set me free

Now I offer myself

I surrender my life to You, Spirit of God

And I honour Your Name, sweet name of Jesus

I give back to You all I have, all I am

I’ll pour out my life for the lost

And all for the glory of God

Oh, Jesus, my Saviour, Your love is amazing

To You I surrender and open my heart

And offer the whole of my life

I worship You Jesus, I worship You Saviour

Honour You Lamb of God that was slain, Glory to Your Name

© Sharon Colman, 2014