I See a Rainbow


Please remember this is only a very basic demo recording at this stage. You may need to adjust the volume. God willing a more professional recording will happen in the future so this page may be updated.

I SEE A RAINBOW                                               Get Chords

I see a rainbow, I see the sign

That God gave to Noah a very long time ago

After the flood that left the earth cleansed

The rainbow of promise, His love never ends

He is faithful, keeping His promises

Faithful, doing the best for us

Faithful, faithful in all His ways, Faithful

After the rainbow, after the flood

The whole world needs Jesus restoring all things to God

Wash in His water, wash in His blood

Come to new life an be filled with His love


God sends a fire, Spirit of God

He burns off the rubbish, refining the gold in us

Enter His furnace, enter His Life

He’ll shape in us Jesus to stand through the fire


(c) Sharon Colman, 2014