I AM the LORD Yeshua

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Please remember this is only a very basic demo recording at this stage. You may need to adjust the volume. God willing a more professional recording will happen in the future so this page may be updated.

I AM THE LORD YESHUA                                                         Get Chords

I am the Lord God Almighty

You shall know Me and My ways

When you listen to My voice today

Listen to My voice today

I will lead you through this world

I will lead you to My rest

Hear Me now, follow where I lead you

Hear My voice, follow where I lead you

Yes, You are my God, Yeshua

Yeshua, my God Almighty and I’ll listen to Your voice

I will listen to Your voice, Yeshua, my Shepherd

I will listen to Your voice as You lead me through

Lead me now, my Lord Jesus, Yeshua, my Shepherd

Lead me now, I will follow You

Lead me now, I will always follow You

© Sharon Colman, 2013