How Sweet the Name of Jesus


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How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds

To all who believe in Him

It soothes their sorrow, heals their wounds

And drives away all fear

It makes the wounded spirit whole

And calms the troubled mind

It’s Heaven’s food to feed the soul

And rest and peace for all mankind


How sweet the Name of Jesus Christ

I’ll praise the Name of Jesus Christ

All Life-giving, always healing

Worthy to be worshipped always


Your Name, the Rock on which I build

My shield and hiding place

My all-providing storehouse filled

With never-ending grace

How weak the effort of my strength

And cold my warmest thought

But when I see You face to face

I’ll praise You Lord, just as I ought


The Father hears my prayers on high

Despite the things I’ve done

Let every accusation fail

For I am Your’s alone

My Shepherd, Guide and Faithful Friend

My Prophet, Priest and King

My Lord, my Life, my Way, my End

Accepting now the praise I bring


(c)  Sharon Colman, 2015 (lyrics based on John Newton’s hymn)