G            C     D             G
Worship the Lord, Great are You God
C           G        D       
King of all nations, Lord of the Earth
C         Am     D         G
Maker of Heaven, Giver of Life
C         G           D
Healer of all broken hearts

C           Am    D         G
Worship the Lord all of the Earth
C           G        D
Bow down before our God
C              Am   D         G
Praise to the Lord all of the Earth
    C            G         D         G    
Acknowledge that Jesus is Lord over all

C  D  G  C  G  D   (END G)

G            C       D             G
Lift up your heart, raise up your voice 
C              G              D       
Shout out His praise, make a joyful noise
C            Am          D           G
Thankyou our Father for giving Your Son
    C             G            D
to bring us from death to new Life

C       Am     G        
Praises to the Lord 
D       D7      G
Praises to His Name
C       Am      G        D            C    G
Praises to the glorious Lamb that was slain
C           Am      G      
Praise the Lord on high 
D      D7     G
Worthy is the Lamb
C     Am       G          D         C    D       
To receive all glory and honour and power 
G    C   D  G  C  G  D 
And praise

(c) sharon@livingstream.net 2014