D       A
We trust in You
         G            D
You are faithful and mighty, Lord
        G             D
You provide for Your people, Lord
       Em         A
In the dry desertlands
   D        A
We trust in You
         G         D
When the enemy is close at hand
      G            D
Even when we don't understand
     Em            A
In a strange wilderness

        G        D           
You overcome all evil  
     A             D
And make a way for us to go
    G          Em              A
And follow, oh Lord into Your Rest
   G        D        
We worship You 
A                D
Worship You, Oh Lord our God
 G               Em              A
Worship You our Saviour and our King
    G           D          
We praise You, Lord     
A              D
You alone are faithful
G             Em             A                                
You alone are worthy of all praise     
 G             D
Worthy of all praise

     D  A                     
Lord Jesus    
           G          D
You're the Master of Heaven
         G          D                             
And the One who restores all things   
       Em       A
To the Father above
    D           A                 
We thank You, Lord   
       G           D
For resisting temptation
        G           D                      
And providing restoration   
        Em          A
For the people You love

(c) Sharon Jane, 2014