G Am D7 G D/F#
G             Am                 D7
Now, that the time's drawing near
    Em     D7        Am
For You to come again
     G              D   D7
It's closer everyday
   D/F#     G
We bow our hearts
       C                D
And surrender every care
           Em    D/F#      Am
You're the Ruler of our lives
    G                   D   D/F#
The Master of our prayer
   G         C
We raise our voice
       Am        D/F#        G     D/F#
And we sing Your praise forever
Raise our hands
      D/F#               G    D/F#
As we lift Your precious Name
      C             D/F#             G
Jesus Christ, Yesterday, Today, Forever
           C            D
You're the same everyday
        Em      D/F#   G  C  D  Em  D/F# (G)
And You will be evermore
G             Am             D7
God, come and search me again
         Em         D7         Am
Come and cleanse me from within
     G                   D D7
Holy Spirit come and stay
    D/F#   G          C              D
Let not a word, or a thought, or a sin
     Em   D/F#    Am
Be a barrier again
           G                      D D/F#
You're the Truth, the Life, the Way

© Sharon Jane, 2007