A                       D              A
If you think you can see do you know you were blind?
       D                          G               A
All we sinners born blind must be touched by the Lord
        E          G D      A          D
Must allow Him to use this pilgrimage clay
This plain old clay
       D           A              E            A
To be part of the cleansing that leads to our healing
D            A            G    E
Sent by the Lord for His purposes
D            A         E            A
Sent to the Jordan to cross and to face our death
D            A             G       E
Death to ourselves, Life alone in Christ

A            D       E        D    A
Up from the waters, heavenly cleansing
 A            G              E
Dirt from the world washed away
A          D          G            D             
Now new creation the blind now can see
       A G D           A G D           
In the Light  of Jesus Christ 
       A G D  A G D
Of Jesus            (end: A)

       G           D       A   E
And we worship our God, Deliverer
    G         D    A
We follow His leading
    G            D    A           E
He hears and He knows all who follow
       G           D           E
And He answers the cry of our heart 
(c)  Sharon Jane, 2015