C Am F G C
C          Am
Thank You, thank You
     F            G
For dying on the cross
          C          F
My Lord, thank You, thank You
    Dm              G
You gladly suffered loss
          C          G
You have given Your life for me
   F          C
Forgiven and set me free
C          Am
Thank You, thank You
    F         G       C   F  G (END: C)
You paid the highest cost
C                Am
How deep is Your love, Oh Lord?
    F                G
It stretches to the sky
          C          Am
From the depths of eternity
    F             G
And only You know why
        F        C         Am         G
For we all have failed and missed the mark
         F        G                C
We were lost and stumbling in the dark

(c) Sharon Jane, 2001