Am              G
My heart is heavy, Lord
    C	            G
It groans within my soul
        Am                G                Am  G
In the deepest part of my heart I long for you

    Am         G              
My enemies surround 
      C	               G
They prosper in their deeds 
         Am              G            Am   G
And the righteous suffer loss at evil hands

 C        Dm           G	             C 
Save me, Lord from the wickedness of men
F          G            Am  G 
Quickly deliver by your hand
C         Dm          G	            C 
Save me, Lord from injustice and defeat 
F	             G	              Am  G
Lead Your people to the Promised Land 

            C         Dm                  
You will deliver Your own  
          G                C
According to Your perfect will 
            Am              Dm	        C   G     
You will release those who call upon Your Name 

(C) Sharon Jane, 1999