God Loves you SO much. Words can't express it fully, but His actions can: Jesus' perfect life given up for you and me. Nothing can compare to that love expressed, not all the beauty of all creation.
It's all about Jesus.

Like a moth to the flame so is the heart of man to His Creator when God shines there.

Jesus already paid for your life. Now how are you going to spend it?

Do everything with all your heart.

It's going to take a lot to make us like Jesus Christ. God will do it. But are we really willing to let Him?


What if we all shared? Our faith would be built up and we would begin to look more and more like JESUS. And the world would SEE IT.

God's power is made perfect in our weakness when we are in His hands.

Want to really know what God's will is for your life? You will never be wrong if you PRAISE HIM.

It doesn't have to be fancy, just the right path.

Keep holding on.

There's only One Way...

There are times we feel so alone in the place we find ourselves. In each place TRUST HIM.

Some things go deep. God goes deeper still.

When we walk with Jesus, He changes everything...

What gift do you most desire?

Darkness can't stand the presence of Jesus.

Sing to the LORD a new song.

What we go through now shapes us eternally. We share in His sufferings so that we my also share in His glory. Rom. 8:17

I Love You


Jesus is coming back. Keep your heart sweet and your light ever burning.

There's so much more that we can experience

We need to choose to respond to His love and then He will do something beautiful.



Be bold, Be Strong, for the LORD God is with you.

Something happens when you enter in to heartfelt worship. God does something there that no one else can.

In the deepest place, we know Him as Father. His Spirit brings us to the place of knowing.

The best help we can get comes from the Lord who knows us better than anyone else ever could.

God gives and He takes away. It's all for a purpose, revealing His ultimate love.

Deep longing will only be satisfied by Christ. When we receive and drink, what amazing blessings flow in His Spirit!

Are we ready?

Ultimate Truth looks exactly like Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us.

Our faith will readily morph our faith into ride if we don't actively humble ourselves.

Don't give up. Let God totally change your life instead.

Praise God before you self destruct

He's done it all for you - now live in His freedom, no turning back.

Don't get distracted.

Jesus Christ gave up His life so that we could have a future and a hope beyond this world. But it starts here.

Live and grow in the Light of Christ

He fills my deepest need. I can't have life without Him.

Don’t just read about Him – meet with Him there and receive His Life.

I will worship You, my God

Only what the Father is doing, only by the leading of His Holy Spirit.

Give it up. Give it to God. Jesus Christ can heal you and give you freedom.
Give it up. Give it to God. Jesus Christ can heal you and give you freedom.

Need PEACE? There is only ONE way to have real peace. Jesus is our ~P~E~A~C~E~

Following the Lord means trusting in Him with confidence but not presumption. Choose humility.

God Loves You

Let's face it...

I will trust in You.






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