G                 D
I hold on to You my God
C                   G    D
Hold on to all Your promises
G                 D
Only You can I trust
     C               G       D
You keep me in Your arms of love
   C     Am      D   D/F#
Enfolded by Your love
G     D/F#  C  Em
Love, pure love
        C       Am     D/F#      G
There’s nothing that remains but love
D C Em C D G
  G                 D
I listen to You my Lord
C                G       D
Listen to every word You say
   G                  D
I hide it deep in my heart
   C               G          D
I know you are the Truth, the Way
        C    Am       D   D/F#
There’s only just One Way
G  D/F#  C  Em
Perfect Way
    C     Am        D/F#      G
My Jesus Christ, my Life, my Way
D C Em C D G

(c) Sharon Colman, 2015 www.livingstream.net

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