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Puppet Play – The Cake Bake

A play about needing each other in the Body of Christ…

puppet-007-eggTHE CAKE BAKE (Puppet Play)

1 Corinthians 12:12-27 (NIV)

Narrator: Hello everyone! Nice to see you all here! Today, I will demonstrate how to bake my favourite cake. Firstly, we will need to gather all the ingredients that we need…

Sugar: (Southern US accent) Yes? You called? That would be me! I will make you the sweeeeetest cake you EVER tasted! Mmm, Mmm. Yeah! All my friends tell me I’m ever so refined!

Narrator: Well Hello, sugar, yes…thank you… we can start with you, you ARE a very important ingredient in our cake, but we WILL need to gather some other ingredients as well…

Sugar: I’m sure that won’t be necessary! All you really need is me! Look at those sweet little children over there, they don’t want any of those other boring ingredients in their cake! Do you children?

Narrator: Well, perhaps not, but it won’t be a cake unless we have other ingredients as well, will it? We will need flour & eggs & butter and…

Sugar: Well suit yourself! Perhaps you should use one of those ARTIFICIAL sweeteners that so many of you people are resorting to nowadays…

Narrator: No, sugar, we really do need you! Please don’t be offended. Now please just wait , while we introduce some of the other ingredients. (Sugar exits) Now, let’s see, we need a cup of milk…

Milk: (enters sobbing) Oooohooohhoo, what a failure I am! How can I face anyone now? No one will want to use me after what I have done!

Narrator: What HAVE you done, milk?

Milk: I have gone and spilt myself all over the church carpet, Ohhhhhooooohh!

Narrator: Now there’s no use crying over spilt milk, is there? (Looks to audience with a questioning face)I’ll make sure it’s cleaned up, don’t worry! Now, let’s make a fresh start, shall we? You’ll see, you’ll feel fresh as a daisy, pura, just plain- brand new!

Milk: Oh, do you really think so? Is there really such a thing as a second chance for me?

Narrator: Of course there is! So come along now milk, don’t sour yourself with your tears now. You will be very useful in making this cake. You will help the recipe’s dry ingredients to moisten up a bit and all mix together nicely. We couldn’t do without you, you know!

Milk: Really? Oh, I look forward to that, that sounds very nice that does. (exits)

Narrator: Now back to our recipe… ah yes, here we are… I now present to you an essential ingredient to any cake…Flour! (enter Bi-carb soda)

Bi-carb soda: Hello, here I am, always ready & willing to serve!

Narrator: That’s a great attitude you have there, but…I’m sorry, you are not flour…you are Bi-carb Soda! We need an awful lot of flour to make our cake and…

Bi-carb soda: (interrupting) That’s OK! I’m willing to be POURED out – use ALL of me, that’s just fine with me!

Narrator: Yes, I can see you are a willing servant – that’s very admirable, but unfortunately if we poured all of you into our cake it wouldn’t…well…taste very nice. And you see, the flour holds the cake together and unfortunately you don’t have that ability.

Bi-carb soda: Oh!

Narrator: Yes, you see we just need a little bit of you to make the cake rise to the occasion. But that little bit is VERY important, otherwise our cake will be just hard and flat and not nice to eat at all.

Bi-carb soda: Well, OK then…but maybe after the cake is finished baking you could perhaps sprinkle me all over the top, you know, the icing on the cake?

Narrator: Oh, dear! I’m afraid, Bi-carb, that won’t work either. You see, you weren’t designed to be flour or icing, or anything else in fact, except to be what you are – Bi-carb Soda. You were especially designed to make plain flour rise in our cake. A very important role to play actually, but we only need a very little of you to make it rise just the right amount. You understand, don’t you?

Bi-carb soda: (sighs, resignedly) Oh, I suppose so, (brightening again) but if you change your mind, I’m always here, ready, willing and able! Bi-carb Soda, at your service!

Narrator: Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, Bi-carb, it’s very encouraging. Now let’s meet our next ingredient – the one and only, Flour!

Flour: Hey, dude! Hey, this is pretty cool! I’m totally moving on from the daily grind (Pause) and I finally get to do what I’ve been made for all my life! I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long…

Narrator: Yes, flour… I’m sure you are looking forward to it, (as we are to tasting it, right children?) but first, I must get you to go through a little sifting process. Let me introduce you to… The Sieve… (enter Sieve)

Flour: (sighing) Oh, man!

Narrator: Sorry, Flour, but you need to be sifted to make sure all your lumps are broken up. We don’t want any hard bits left in the cake for someone to get a nasty little surprise when they take a bite, now do we children?

Flour: Hey, Dude , in all the time I’ve spent out in my field, I was never warned about this…

The Sieve: (English Bobby accent) Now, come along Mr Flour, and we will make this process as painless as possible… (gently pushes Flour off stage).

Narrator: And now we will add a bit of spice… presenting: vanilla and cinnamon!

(enter vanilla & cinnamon bickering with each other, Mexican/Italian accents, pushing each other around)

Cinnamon: “Oh, you’re so vanilla flavoured!”

Vanilla: Oh, Yeah? And what you gonna do about it,hey?

Narrator: Hey, you two, flavours shouldn’t fight each other! You should respect that each one has his own job to do. You shouldn’t try to dominate each other. Just do your bit please & we will all appreciate each of your contributions to the cake.   (Vanilla & Cinnamon begin exiting in more orderly fashion) Don’t overdo it now, please! Remember to stick to the recipe! Now let’s see…Butter…

Butter: (enters reluctantly, stammering,) I , I, I don’t think you should use me – I, I, I’m not very good for you, w-w-ell that’s what they tell me anyway. Harden your archeries o-o-or s-something like that.

Narrator: Now, butter, of course we need you to make our cake! We can’t do without you!

Butter: B- b-but I’ll just make your fingers all greasey – I-I know I will! All the cooks complain about me a-an-and they end up wiping their hands of me, they do!

Narrator: Well, you don’t need to worry about that – I’ve got just the thing for you & you don’t have to worry about sticky fingers… You can relax in your own hot pan – Your very own melting moment! Off you go now.

Butter: (from offstage) Aaaahhhh, that feels better! Mmmmmmm!

Narrator: (to audience) You see, Butter really is better! Now, our recipe requires one large egg – Ah, here she comes now! Hello Egg, are your ready to make a cake? (reaching out to pat egg)

Egg: Egg-scuuuuse me! Watch the shell, thank you very much. I am egg-streeeeemely fragile! You really should be handling me with kid gloves you know. Now be careful, I implore you!  I suppose I can spare a very little of my precious time to help you along with your culinary art. I’m quite artistic myself, actually… I must just mention that the great artist Michaelangelo himself used some of my anscestors on the walls of the Sistine Chapel you know! All the great artists of the time were doing it! Tempera they call it, but of course I personally have never mixed with that crowd – temperas & tempers & temperamental artists…Ugh! I never liked the idea of being plastered on a wall I must admit – but then, of course, the things we do for art sake! I believe that one can never be too careful, don’t you agree? Just watch that YOU don’t rub ME up the wrong way or I’m liable to crack up!

Narrator: But Egg, you can’t be used unless you are broken!

Egg: (Gasps & then hushed silence)

Narrator: Egg, I have a new friend that I would like to introduce you to…

Whisk: (cheerfully) Hello!

Narrator: Whisk will stir you up nicely.

Whisk: That’s right! We’ll get you mixing with the others smoothly sooner than you know it! Come along then, dear!

Egg: (a bit confused now that she faces being broken, says a little reluctantly) Well, if you think it will help…

Narrator: Yes, egg, you will be a great help. (while egg exits with whisk) You will help to bind all the ingredients together in our lovely cake. Next we introduce our final ingredient to make our cake…the fresh fruit.

Fruit: (pieces of fruit come bouncing out cheerfully with children’s voices)

Yay! It’s our turn,

Yipee, this is going to be great fun!

Wow, thanks for letting me join in!

Wheee, we get to be in the cake!

Narrator: Hello, all you gorgeous fruit! It’s so great to have you decorate our yummy cake and so nice to have such willing ingredients!

Fruit: I’ve been waiting for this all my life!

Yeah, I was born for this!

This is going to be the time of my life!

Narrator: OK, now first we’ll have to peel your skin off and then we’ll break off your stems, cut out your cores & then we’ll have to slice you all up & lay you down in the tin ready to have all the cake mix poured over you – before we put you into a very HOT oven to be baked – is that OK with you?

Fruit: Oh, yes, I’d love to!

Can I please? That will be so great!

When can we start, now?

I’m first!

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

(all fruit exit)

Narrator: (to audience) Now THAT must be the icing on the cake!

John 15 verses 8-17 (New International Version)

(c) Sharon Colman, 2009

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