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Preparing to give birth is a wonderful time if we draw close to God and let Him prepare us for all that is to come. Overcoming fear and learning to totally embrace the experience is the best way to get ready.  How amazing is it that God chooses us to help create an eternal spirit, another loved child! You are invited to read and be encouraged by these testimonies and to share your own stories to help build up others.

If you would like to contribute, leave your story as a comment or use the contact form below.  I will not print your contact details unless you specifically include them at the end of your birth story.  It’s up to you how much or little you want to say about yourself. Your story may be lightly edited before being made public.


Noah’s Flood

Only finding out I was pregnant just after moving to a new area I was relieved that the baby was due right in the middle of the dry season, as we had just moved to a very flood prone valley. I was hoping for a hospital birth in the nice country maternity ward that according to the head midwife was “like having a home birth with all the facilities.” I didn’t like the idea of labouring in our small house without family support to birth our 6th child. (We are a very noisy family and I like focus and quiet when in labour. Also I knew I would have to do most of the cleaning up!) So when I began contractions  about 10 days before baby was due and it had already been raining for a couple days, I got a bit nervous! My husband and I started doing some last minute research on home births in case the roads were already cut to get out of our valley. I trusted God no matter what but also prayed we would get out in time and forced myself not to entertain worry, but trust the Lord had a perfect plan for us all.

Thankfully we got out in time & made it to hospital just as the contractions were becoming really strong and I knew I only had perhaps an hour or 2 left. After 5 babies I knew my body really well in labour. I had learned to embrace the contractions with a passionate fervour. The previous 2 babies had been posterior during early stages of labour and I had learned how frustrating bringing on “real” contractions could be. So my attitude to the strong, effective contractions was, “Yes, Lord! Bring them on! Come on, body, let these contractions do their thing!” I love active birthing and as soon as a contraction makes itself known I start swaying my body very deliberately into it (not against it!) and by holding on to a solid object like a chair or table, begin moving down to nearly squatting and then up again. Deep pelvic rotation really helps the baby descend through the birth canal. Just keep moving through it, participating with those contractions to let them prepare the passageway for this baby!

Things were going pretty well and I had to let the midwife know to get ready for the baby, as she had left me alone and expected I would take longer. Soon I hopped on the bed, kneeling at the head, backwards so I would still have gravity helping but could also rest forwards in between contractions. My husband massaged very firmly just above the tail bone to help with my pushing and to help manage the pain. I had no gas or pain management of any kind. I feel just really getting “into it” fully, with God is my pain management. The attitude carries me through as I just focus on total trust in God to birth this baby He has created.

Pushing his head out went pretty well even though he was a big baby.  I asked the midwife to help direct me when I should push & when I should hold off (and just pant) as I did not want to tear. I have found controlled pushing to be a very effective way to avoid tearing.

Once his head was out I had expected the rest to flow smoothly but his shoulders were stuck and I started to feel it was going to be impossible to get him out. For the first time in any of my births I was tempted to feel like I would not be able to do it. I cried out to God from my deepest being, “Please God, help me!” And immediately He spoke to my heart, “All the promises of God are Yes and Amen in Jesus Christ !” While my mind was trying to process that, again He said the same thing. Suddenly I knew He was telling me that I was His and this baby was also His and in Christ I could be confident in His power. Immediately I had the strength to push this baby out, knowing it was God’s power and not my own.

Even though this baby was 9lb 5oz I did not tear! It felt like a miraculous birth.

We had already decided to call him Noah (meaning, “rest from wandering”) Emmanuel (“God is with us”).  And everyone thought it was very funny that the day after he was born, the town was completely cut off by floodwaters! I had a nice quiet rest in hospital. Now when our family talks about Noah’s Flood we have to clarify which one we mean!


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