the offering study

Jesus poured Himself out – a perfect offering. How humbling to receive the blessings that flow to us from the Heavenly Father due to the perfect sacrifice of His only Son. As His Spirit reveals the depths of that sacrifice, we are so grateful, so humbled to receive all that He gave up. It’s so natural for our gratitude to overflow in an offering of praise to God, thanks to Christ and the desire in us to allow our lives to become a living sacrifice of praise through His Spirit.

  1. Eph 5:2 – A fragrant offering
  2. Romans 15:3 – Did not please Himself
  3. Phil 2:5-8 – He humbled Himself
  4. Heb 13:15 – Sacrifice of praise
  5. 1 Pet 2:5 – Living temple sacrifice
  6. 1 Pet 4:1 – Suffering in Christ
  7. 1 Cor 5:7 – Humbled by sacrificed Lamb
  8. Heb 10:14 – Made perfect
  9. Rom 12:1 – Living sacrifice of worship


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