Songs can be shared in a casual atmosphere with sharing of personal testimony and faith journey including Scriptural insights. Depending on size of group some interaction may be drawn out from the listeners. Songs bring listeners on a journey where they may open their hearts to the work of the Holy Spirit. Open, honest lyrics resonate and invite a response to God.

Themes include praising God through trials, desire for more of God, unity of His people, reflections on Jesus’ sacrifice and cleansing power, being set apart and prepared as His people to meet Him, to stand firm through trials and persecutions and allowing the work of the Spirit to shape in us Jesus’ character. All songs Honour Jesus Christ as Lord and encourage devotion and discipleship to follow Him by the power of His Spirit.

Many songs are based in Scriptures including a number from the Gospel of John that can form a program if desired.

Many songs are suitable for Church worship times and for congregational singing.

There are also a number of children’s songs that could form a program or segment.

A coffee shop style of delivery may be used in a group setting where listeners are free to draw closer and listen as desired. Simple, raw, folky feel that is laid back enough to be background music but engaging enough musically and lyrically for those interested to listen more attentively as desired. I’m happy to keep it light and just see where the Spirit takes it, focusing on songs as inspiration and encouragement for His people. Songs can be used as an instrument of the Holy Spirit, gently moving hearts.

I’m convinced these songs have been given to me by God to share with the Body of Christ to encourage and to help her get ready for the return of Christ. My prayer is that songs flow from His Spirit to cleanse and refresh souls who drink from Jesus… that livingstreams may flow from them.

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